In 1888, Mountain State College became the 1st college in Parkersburg, West Virginia. 125 years later, Mountain State College continues.

Consider a college so solid that it survived the roaring 20’s, two World Wars, and the Great Depression. Imagine a college with so much history that its first students traveled to school on horseback. Look back over the 125 years. Grover Cleveland was our nation’s President, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid robbed the Union Pacific Railroad, and MSC opened its doors to the public for the first day of class. For the next 72 years, Mountain State College, remained the only college in Parkersburg, WV. 

In the fall of 1888, Mountain State College was located on Market Street, just above Third Street in downtown Parkersburg. In 1901, the college moves to its second location, on the second and third floors of Camden Theater Building on Market Street, just above Seventh Street. In 1929, Mountain State College moved a 2nd time to the corner of Spring and Sixteenth Streets. Mountain State College found a home where it remains today.


An Appreciation from A. G. Sine as it appeared in a 1929 Mountain State College Catalog follows: 

We take this opportunity to express to our many thousands of former students, whose brilliant achievements in the business world have contributed so greatly to the success of the school, our sincere appreciation. For the assistance and support they have rendered the school by sending their relatives and friends to us, we wish to express our gratefulness. With each succeeding year, we find in the encouragement of our friends, and added incentive to continue to maintain the high standards and ideals of this institution.

To all who have contributed so much towards making Mountain State College what it is today, we hereby acknowledge our indebtedness.

A.G. Sine


Mountain State College has always enjoyed a special relationship with the community and area businesses.  However, it is always a pleasant surprise when those not directly associated with the College offer their valuable assistance. We are grateful for such help because it emphasizes that Mountain State College is not an institute of isolation, but an integral and important part of the community in service to Parkersburg for 125 years.

There are two things certain at Mountain State College long ago and still today. They are a constancy of change and the continuing tradition of its founder, Albert Grant Sine. A tradition rich in high standards and excellence.

Many changes have taken place at Mountain State College since its founding in 1888. However, some things never change.  MSC still offers a quality education that provides graduates with career-oriented job skills.

This is the Mountain State College story. A story told in part because the full telling would fill a book of many volumes. Each day brings a fresh blank sheet and the decisions of that day will determine how the story will read tomorrow.

Stay tuned to hear the full story; the story from 1888 to today, 2013.